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Anastasia Kharitonova is the New Director of Contracts at BCE

We would like to congratulate Anastasia on her promotion to a new position of Director of Contracts. She started at BCE over 12 years ago as an Administrative Assistant and later moved to the Contract Administrator position. Working her way through college at UAA, studying part-time in the evenings, she was determined to succeed. And she did!

Anastasia received her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from UAA in 2012 and continued to successfully manage contracts and perform various financial tasks at BCE. She enjoys learning and experiencing new things, taking classes to improve her knowledge, and traveling in her free time.

Tanya Bratslavsky, President of BCE, says that “Anastasia is an asset to BCE. She succeeds in whatever she puts her mind to.  She always impressed us with her strong work ethics, ability to work long hours to get things done, and strong desire for perfection in everything. Also, Anastasia’s talent to memorize things is amazing. She remembers all projects, the dates, budgets, deadlines, all names of people working at or with BCE, FAR clauses and regulations, and many other things. We are fortunate to have her at the Company.”

Anastasia & Family

Floating Bridge Project – National Park Service

This project was located in Alaska’s remote Brooks Camp, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, 32 miles from King Salmon and 274 miles from Anchorage.

BCE provided Construction Management (CM) services during the construction of the new elevated bridge and boardwalk across the Brooks River. This was to replace a river-level bridge that was often closed to human tourists because it was occupied by brown bears. This new elevated bridge and boardwalk will eliminate “bear jams” often encountered on the old boardwalk. This popular venue has three bear-viewing platforms. With the addition of the new elevated bridge and boardwalk, it’s much easier and safer for tourist to access these platforms.

Situated at the mouth of the Brooks River and the shore of Naknek Lake, Brooks Camp attracts people from all over the world to view brown bears, enjoy world-class fishing, and learn about the long human history of the area. It is also a starting point for many backcountry adventures.

Read the National Park Service news release, Bridging Past and Future: Ribbon Cutting of the New Brooks River Bridge

Read the Anchorage Daily News article, New footbridge in Katmai National Park aimed at limiting bear encounters

Fish Passages/Habitat Enhancement – Fish & Wildlife Service

Road networks throughout Alaska require many thousands of fish stream crossings and new roads are built each year. If designed properly, bridges and culverts can have little or no adverse effects on fish passage, but poorly designed or inadequately maintained culverts block or impede fish spawning, nursery, and rearing habitats through many of these crossings.

BCE provided Title II design documents for the construction of projects to enhance fish passage and habitat on Kodiak Island and Cordova in Alaska.

On Kodiak Island, since the original culverts were not designed for fish and wildlife passage, they deterred fish from returning to their historic spawning grounds. In order to improve fish passage, new stream simulation channels were proposed for installation. Projects included retrofit of old culverts where streams intersect existing roads and/or paths. The proposed culverts (up to 17 feet in diameter) are designed to allow the natural streams to come though. This design minimizes the structure’s effect on the natural fish habitat while retaining and improving the existing roads and pathways.

Watch the time lapse video below of Kodiak Island’s Boy Scout Lake outlet fish passage project being constructed over a period of several weeks.

Road culvert gets a fish-friendly makeover

The culvert at Boyscout Lake's outlet was once an ugly fish-blocker. Now it's a beautiful fish-friendly model! Let us know how many furry Kodiak tractors you see at the end (we'll randomly select someone to receive a "Sustained by Salmon" tote bag). Kudos to Kodiak for investing in improved fish passage along its road network.Thank you to all the partners, funders, landowners, contractors, neighbors involved in the many projects occuring!

Posted by USFWS Alaska Fisheries and Habitat on Friday, August 16, 2019

Eielson AFB F-35 Program Construction Management Services – Army Corps of Engineers

BCE is currently providing Construction Management services in support of the Army Corps of Engineers on various award winning F-35 projects including new aircraft hangars, administrative, training and dining facilities.

Communities near Eielson Air Force base, Alaska, 26 miles south of Fairbanks, are preparing for the arrival of F-35 squadron personnel and their families. The first F-35 is scheduled to arrive at Eielson AFB April 2020. Learn more about the F-35 squadrons arrival by reading the Anchorage Daily News article, Air Force OKs F-35 fighter jet squadrons at Eielson Air Force Base

BCE’s Eielson AFB Construction Management Crew –
L to R: Ryan, Robert, Josh, Tanya, Brian, Roman and Preston