Fall Protection and Safety Upgrades

Example of a Fall Arrestor Support Analysis & Design

BCE provides inspections, prepares as-built documents as required, provides evaluations and analyses, reports, designs, and construction documents ready for bidding. BCE develops solutions and recommendations and presents them to the client(s), project managers, operations and maintenance personnel, and other stakeholders for discussion.
BCE prepares reports in accordance with ASTM, DOD, FAA, OSHA, API, and other codes and standards.

Drawings are prepared to show the upgrades required as well as typical details that can be utilized throughout the Client’s facilities.

Example: A fall arrestor system, capable of sustaining a falling person, was installed on a roof door of a coil rig in Prudhoe Bay, which was required to meet OSHA standards. BCE, Inc. provided a review and certification of the doors, as well as the analysis and design of the fall arrestor system. Due to the rushed schedule, this project was challenging, yet completed on time and within budget.

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