Letter from the President: Tanya Bratslavsky, P.E.

BCE’s New Company Direction and Philosophy

The old mentality “Get More and Live Better” is a thing of the past. At the time when many of our friends, neighbors, or relatives are unemployed or possibly unemployable, the attitudes of our society should change.

The new way of thinking should be (and will be): “Save and Live Better”.¬† This relates to budgets, energy, resources, and many other things. New attitudes are developing that make ‘Small – the New Big’.

BCE wants to be a part of this new way of thinking that will make American products and services competitive again, will brings jobs back to US, and will create new ones.

Saving money and resources will make BCE more competitive, and our services more affordable. How do we achieve that? We will make changes by changing our mentality:

  • Expect more for less: Cost savings will be translated into rewards.
  • Be frugal and budget conscious.
  • Think outside the box: Explore new and innovative ways of accomplishing the task.
  • Offer new and exceptional products and services.
  • Find ways to cut inefficiencies, trim excessive / unnecessary cost. A lean organization is a profitable organization for everyone.
  • Offer great customer service and show that employees care.
  • Strive for more: Better products at better prices.
  • Share your vision and new attitude with others.

This approach is being adopted by businesses. It will bring revitalization in the current harsh economic climate. The new attitudes will promote progress and collaboration.

BCE is moving in the new direction, and one can recognize changes through many signs: (1) the attitudes of employees, (2) the interest in cutting costs; (3) improved work products; (4) improved business sustainability, and (5) enhanced profitability of operation.

All BCE employees:

  • Know their customers and project stakeholders, and must understand their vision, strategies, and goals.
  • Look for ways to meet clients’ needs, and provide quality product at the lowest cost.
  • Ensure the best value of BCE services by: (1) working efficiently; (2) collaborating¬† with the best subconsultants, vendors, and manufacturers; (3) Reusing and recycling; (4) Finding ways to constantly improve their knowledge, their physical endurance and health, and the world around them.

BCE is setting high expectations for its employees, associates, and partners, who must:

  • Encourage efficiency and savings.
  • Discourage waste.
  • Get involved in community work and collaboration.

Encouraged are healthy lifestyle (including good eating and exercising habits). This will not only will help minimize our company’s healthcare costs, but will improve/ increase energy and productivity. Carpooling and biking (or walking!) to work will help preserve the environment. BCE encourages volunteer work that will improve our communities.

BCE employees and associates that support these new initiatives, will be provided with recognition, rewards, and will have future with our company.