Awards & Testimonials


  • Urban Design Commission Award
  • Gold Citation by the American School and University Publication
  • HUD Award for Best Design Practices
  • Civil Engineer of the Year Award

What Clients say about BCE:

USDA Forest Service

“… While performing work on various projects, BCE, Inc. has demonstrated to be a solution focused company, thorough, and budget conscious. Pain free communications and rapid response of BCE, Inc. were key factors in the completion of the project… The professionalism BCE, Inc. displayed was greatly appreciated; being on the job from start to finish helped in completing the jobs and making them a success…”


“… Objective – Provided services that met all stated objectives. Changes – Responsive to clients during the project. Quality – Work is excellent quality. Schedule – Deliverables made on or ahead of schedule. Budget – Work completed under budget. Plans (Drawings) and Specifications – Excellent quality. Management – Very capable and thorough. Exceptionally responsive to client needs … “

US Postal Service

” … I have found [BCE, Inc.] to be a competent … firm … capable and responsive in support of various USPS jobs … “